"My parents still live in the house that I grew up in and the home literally has not changed at all in the past 20 years. To me, it felt like a mausoleum and due to the nature of their work-from-home business, I was concerned about stagnation for their business. Generally speaking there was such an air of struggle throughout the house. I was concerned that the house had the energy of a massive burden for them instead of a life giving and nurturing place. I knew I needed an intensive space clearing.

There was also a tendency for them to hire the least helpful people, or people who scam them and have very low frequency themselves, instead of people who do a good job and finish the job quickly. Also there were corners of the lower half of the house that I never felt comfortable in.

After the clearing I could feel suddenly movement and more oxygen in the space, like I could do cartwheels. I felt high on this unstoppable feeling of joy. I noticed my mom the same evening of the clearing, was singing! And those weird places I never liked going to in the house feel totally fine now. Definitely have noticed a huge shift. Do not hesitate — book them!"


"I've owned a trouble investment property for several years now. I've had the craziest most outlandish, stressful issues with it one couldn't possibly imagine. Even my attorney said he'd never come across issues like mine before. Crooks were fraudulently claiming ownership over it, paranoid tenants changed the locks on me and were convinced that there were secret cameras in the building. Overall theme: paranoia and disputes over "ownership".

I had hired a different space clearer before, who told me that people had been fighting over this property since the Spanish Civil War. That was educational to hear, but I never felt the space was "cleared", I continued having the same issues after that "clearing" before enlisting Splendor's help.

My biggest concern was that the current tenant would never leave; but SF tenancy laws are so rigid I could have been stuck with this crazy tenant screaming at me forever.

Cecile and Veronica did a clearing on the house and read into the energy of the tenant. A few months later, the tenant announced they were moving out, and that they were foregoing their security deposit!

Everything had been such a struggle over the last few years with this property I couldn't believe something had gone RIGHT, and all I could think about was that it must have been the space clearing. Cecile and Veronica got it done. Thank you for helping me create a clean slate for this property!"


"I was having endless interference with the house I just bought. Something did not want me to be successful with it or the land. Even the person working on the house was extremely difficult. Aggressive and mysterious things would happen on the property. Obstacles would block things from getting done.

I called in Splendor of a Thousands Suns

and immediately that evening and the next day I felt results. I noticed how uplifted and happy everyone’s mood became on the property. There was more cooperation and harmony. Even the nature in the land responded and I could walk around feeling safe and in harmony with the surroundings.

It has made a big difference in my quality of life and there is definitely more flow to everything now. I am relieved to know this powerful and effective service is available as it definitely shifts the living paradigm!


"I woke up after the clearing was done, not knowing it had happened, and immediately started refinishing and getting rid of the old family furniture I had been holding on to. I completely refinished my dresser, which looks amazing, and got rid of my desk. These had been emotional family cords and it was clear they needed to go. I was also able to get rid of other belongings I was holding onto out of guilt. The space felt like mine finally.

Before, the previous renter's energy felt like it was everywhere and I was moving in on top of it. I knew the previous renter and before the clearing, he kept reaching out and showing up to check-in. After the clearing I couldn't seem to get a hold of him! It became my space and my things fell into their places. He had been released from the property.

The cats on the property would not let me pet them and after the clearing they wanted me to pet them and they now hangout on my porch.

After the clearing other renters on the property started to work on their garden that looked like it had been forgotten about.

I often get startled when alone and feel like spirits are trying to talk to me. Moving in alone I was concerned about this. I am so grateful I got the space cleared because it is cleared and it is just me and the trees and the cats on the property. When the trees rustle and animals run across my roof I emanate joy and gratitude verse being started and running fear.

Also now that a few months have gone by I have noticed I am able to build a deeper connections with the feminine. Various aspects of my human experience have shifted and enable me to strengthen my connection with the feminine. Feeling safe and grounded in my space has had ripple effects throughout my life. Having my home bright and clear physically and energetically enables me to bring that brightness and clearness into all all aspects of my life with ease and grace."


"Cecile and Veronica worked on clearing my apartment and I can't thank them enough! It was fascinating to read the post-clearing report. Everything that was cleared made total sense to me: there were certain frequencies influencing the space that I was used to, yet they were not the best for me. It was only after this clearing that the space felt very different for the very first time: light, peaceful, welcoming.

It was also very helpful to know what was affecting the broader area where my apartment is, and have those negative effects removed. It matched perfectly my impressions and feelings when in the area and it for sure had its negative effects on me so I was very happy for those to be cleared out..

Having done a lot of energy work on an individual level I have not really thought of how spaces we live in affect us, and having a clearing like this done was truly eye-opening.


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