As intuitive and skilled energy healers, our purpose is to create harmonious and uplifting spaces by clearing and balancing the energy of homes, offices, land and other environments. With a deep understanding of the subtle energies that flow through spaces and grids, we harness our abilities to sense and detect imbalances, negative vibrations, and stagnant energies that might hinder a client's well-being and productivity.

Our services extend beyond the physical realm, delving into the subtle layers of energy that underpin our surroundings. With compassionate care and a keen eye for detail, we aim to bring a sense of balance and renewal to the spaces we work with. By inviting us to clear and heal their environments, clients can expect a transformational experience that elevates their spaces into havens of peace, productivity, and positive energy.

The Splendor Team

"My parents still live in the house that I grew up in and the home literally has not changed at all in the past 20 years. To me, it felt like a mausoleum and due to the nature of their work-from-home business, I was concerned about stagnation for their business. Generally speaking there was such an air of struggle throughout the house. I was concerned that the house had the energy of a massive burden for them instead of a life giving and nurturing place. I knew I needed an intensive space clearing.

There was also a tendency for them to hire the least helpful people, or people who scam them and have very low frequency themselves, instead of people who do a good job and finish the job quickly. Also there were corners of the lower half of the house that I never felt comfortable in.

After the clearing I could feel suddenly movement and more oxygen in the space, like I could do cartwheels. I felt high on this unstoppable feeling of joy. I noticed my mom the same evening of the clearing, was singing! And those weird places I never liked going to in the house feel totally fine now. Definitely have noticed a huge shift. Do not hesitate — book them!"


"I've owned a trouble investment property for several years now. I've had the craziest most outlandish, stressful issues with it one couldn't possibly imagine. Even my attorney said he'd never come across issues like mine before. Crooks were fraudulently claiming ownership over it, paranoid tenants changed the locks on me and were convinced that there were secret cameras in the building. Overall theme: paranoia and disputes over "ownership".

I had hired a different space clearer before, who told me that people had been fighting over this property since the Spanish Civil War. That was educational to hear, but I never felt the space was "cleared", I continued having the same issues after that "clearing" before enlisting Splendor's help.

My biggest concern was that the current tenant would never leave; but SF tenancy laws are so rigid I could have been stuck with this crazy tenant screaming at me forever.

Cecile and Veronica did a clearing on the house and read into the energy of the tenant. A few months later, the tenant announced they were moving out, and that they were foregoing their security deposit!

Everything had been such a struggle over the last few years with this property I couldn't believe something had gone RIGHT, and all I could think about was that it must have been the space clearing. Cecile and Veronica got it done. Thank you for helping me create a clean slate for this property!"


"I was having endless interference with the house I just bought. Something did not want me to be successful with it or the land. Even the person working on the house was extremely difficult. Aggressive and mysterious things would happen on the property. Obstacles would block things from getting done.

I called in Splendor of a Thousands Suns

and immediately that evening and the next day I felt results. I noticed how uplifted and happy everyone’s mood became on the property. There was more cooperation and harmony. Even the nature in the land responded and I could walk around feeling safe and in harmony with the surroundings.

It has made a big difference in my quality of life and there is definitely more flow to everything now. I am relieved to know this powerful and effective service is available as it definitely shifts the living paradigm!



The core principle of our work lies in the understanding that everything is interconnected and resonates at specific frequencies. The goal is to raise the vibrational frequency of the space, bringing it into alignment with higher, more positive energies, and simultaneously removing anything that is discordant to the life of the client. By doing so, we seek to create a harmonious and nurturing environment that supports the well-being, productivity, and spiritual growth of its occupants.

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What We Do


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Through a combination of ancient healing practices, intuitive insights, and practical techniques, we work diligently to cleanse and revitalize the energy within each space. We focus on removing any lingering negative imprints, emotional residue, or past traumas that might still linger in surroundings, replacing them with positive and revitalizing energies. By doing so, we help create a sanctuary of positive energy where inhabitants can thrive, find clarity, and feel more inspired in their daily lives.

Can you clear a space remotely?

Yes, energy is not confined by physical boundaries, and we are skilled at remote viewing and perceiving subtle energies on multiple dimensional levels to successfully conduct remote clearings. These sessions are just as effective as in-person visits and can be conducted from a distance without the need for us to be physically present in your space.

Is it safe for everyone?

Absolutely! Space clearing is a powerful process that is safe for people of all ages, including pets. Depending on the level of activity and what needs to leave, small children and pets may notice the sudden change first as they tend to be more energetically sensitive than adults. There is usually an adjustment period as the space and surrounding land detoxes. but we support everyone energetically through this. The techniques we use are non-invasive and designed to enhance the well-being of everyone who shares the cleared space.

What are the benefits of space clearing

Clients often report a variety of improvements after a space clearing session, including enhanced mood, increased energy and focus, better sleep, and a general feeling of lightness and positivity. Clearing a space can also help remove obstacles to success, improve relationships among occupants, and attract prosperity and abundance.


Schedule A Clearing

Book a session with us and you'll fill out a questionnaire and provide photos of your space. Be as detailed as possible. With this info, we'll take a preliminary look and ask any preliminary questions ahead of the scheduled clearing.

We Clear & Heal Remotely

Because we are working in the quantum, it's not required that we physically be at the location. We connect with the property remotely, creating a healing chamber on an etheric level in order to safely and properly scan, transmute, heal, and strengthen various aspects of the home. This can take a few hour or more, depending on the size, layers of activity, and the nature of the energy grids. Due to the intensity of the work and the many layers and levels that we perform the work, as well as the nature of some of the things we come across, we do not have clients listening in or joining the healing chamber. It's best that clients simply sit back and relax and let us handle the work.

Post Clearing Report and After-Care

After the clearing, we will email you to let you know that it's done. About a week to nine days after the clearing, you can expect to receive a detailed clearing report and after care guide from us which outlines what occurred and the themes we healed and the new light architecture that's been installed. You are more than welcome to ask us any questions from there.